How to clean your Titan Fabrics

Soap and Water

  • Brush, wipe, or vacuum off any loose dirt or debris
  • Remove the stain using a soap and water mixture
  • Blot stains with a paper towel or clean white cloth
  • Let the fabric air dry

Cleaning with Bleach


Try to remove the stain several times with soap and water before resorting to bleach. Bleach can be hazardous and can damage other fabrics (such as your clothing) not made to withstand it.

  • After you have washed the stain with soap and water several times, you may add 1 cup of bleach and 2 oz. of mild dish soap to a gallon of water and mix well
  • Add the mixture to a spray bottle
  • Lightly spray the stain with the mixture and blot until the stain is removed
  • Thoroughly rinse the area by blotting with clean water and a clean white cloth. It is very important that all of the bleach be removed so apply as little as needed to get the job done.
  • Blot stain to dry it as much as possible with a paper towel or cloth and allow the area to air dry
  • Stronger concentrations of bleach may be used on particularly difficult stains, but it should not be more than 2 cups of bleach in a gallon of water